Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas Preview and Other Fun Things

So sorry I haven't posted in awhile, life just gets so busy during this time of year! I'm sure most of you completely understand! But, since I had a quick minute I thought I'd post some fun pictures from the last couple of weeks.
We went to Florida for Thanksgiving and had a great time! As predicted, Emerson LOVED all the food, especially Granddad's homemade rolls...yummmm...

Emerson patiently waiting for the real food..

Dinner time!

Helping Grandmommy clean up :)
Speaking of Grandmommy...isn't Eme's outfit cute?? Grandmommy made it! I love the little woodland creatures on it!

Below just some bath time fun...

I tried taking some Christmas card pictures, some bribery had to be used, but here's a sneak peak...

The Classic Santa Pic :)
She seemed to like Santa from a distance, but when it came down to sitting with Santa she didn't like him anymore :( Seems that 3 and under didn't seem to be big fans of Santa at all!!

And a little special video below :) Hopefully, it will play upright for you...

Also, HAPPY 11 MONTHS TODAY!!! Baby girl, I can't believe your already on the last month!!! No more months, only years from here on....I'll update more next week, but as you can see above she's accomplished some really big things since last month! :)  Now, if Santa will bring a tooth or two, we'll be good to go! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Month Update

I can't believe were already doing a 10 month update, though a little usual!!! :) Wow, double digits, holy cow!! I was going to refrain from saying time is flying, because I sound like a broken record, but I can't help it!!! It's so crazy fast!! Next month is the last time that she'll be a "month" after that it's years?!?! What happened to my little baby?? She is such a big girl and we are LOVING this stage! So much fun watching her explore her new world and learn new things! She's definitely a dare devil, we've started calling her our little rodeo cowgirl and the pictures below will show her in action!

Sad, after hearing Bama lost to LSU :(

Helping me put away some clothes that are too small now :( She wouldn't sit on the side of the box she had to sit inside of it and then started throwing all the clothes out of it!!! Took a little longer than I thought for that little task. :)

As you can see she can climb pretty good and stands on her own!! Just a second ago I turned around and she had gotten up into a living room chair by herself for the first time and she did it by piling up the pillows and blankets, she's clever that little booger and fast! Up go the pillows! She's not walking, she can push/walk table toys, but is just getting comfortable standing by herself. I think she'll be closer to a year before she walks, I use to think she'd be walking by now, but they are good at tricking you like that! You think you have them/their schedule/likes/dislikes figured out and then they go and change!! Our house looks like a bomb went off and things are placed in the weirdest places or pushed all into the center of a table to keep little hands away, but those days are quickly coming to an end, we'll have to get smarter to stay ahead of her. She loves having access to cabinets and drawers, it's so fun to find stuff hidden away! Also, the books on the shelves are such good fun to pull down and chew on! She loves singing patty cake and clapping her hands. She's doing "so big" now and playing peek a boo by lifting her shirt, it's so cute and she's so proud of herself and we are proud of her too!

Close to 18 pds, she's in the 1% range for height/weight ratio...she's on a fatten me up diet and it's definitely working, too bad, I don't need a diet like that :)
29 inches long, which puts her in the 80% range...I think?? It's up there...
Size 2-3 diapers
6-12 Months clothing
Food: Pretty much everything, she doesn't really get meat, because she doesn't have any teeth still and blending up meat, kind of freaks me out. She eats 3 meals a day with some puffs/goldfish/etc in between along with breast milk about every 3 hours to make sure she's eating enough during the day. She's a good eater and I can't wait for Thanksgiving, I know she's going to enjoy all the yummy food! She loves feeding herself, so this should be a super messy affair!!
Sleep: Big news on this front, she actually sleeps in HER bed the entire night!!! She goes down between 7-8 pm and gets up around 6ish. That's the good news, the bad news is that she still doesn't sleep through the night, but on good nights she only gets up once to eat around 3 or 4 am and goes back to sleep, but some nights she gets up every two hours, but she doesn't get feed at every waking, so I'm not sure what's going on those days. Any advice?? Ideas?? On the nap front, she normally takes 2-3 naps a day, they aren't the longest, but they are usually no shorter than 40 minutes, I'm working on getting her to stay down a little longer. She seems to do best on naps between an hour to an hour and half.

This really is a fun stage, she's super interactive and soooo sweet! She can blow kisses and wave and it makes me smile just thinking about her!!! We are enjoying every minute and love her soooo much and are soooo blessed to have such a gift!! Until the next time...enjoy the pictures!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Talking Up A Storm

I had to post this for the family to enjoy...Emerson was carrying on talking to Nana in the picture for awhile before I started filming, I just got the tail end, but it was so cute she kept going back and talking and touching the picture of Nana, then she got side tracked when she saw the pictures of the puppies...she loves animals! Please ignore my voice, I think I need to work on talking in a normal tone and not super high!!! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween!! I've definitely eaten too much candy, but that's what today is all about! :) Just wanted to share some pictures of our sweet Ducky. She's been a good sport, she has a cold and hates anything on her head, so she did great for the photo shot this evening.

One last shot...what's cuter than duck butt?! I love how they stuffed the butt in this :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 9 1/2 Months!!!

Ok, so this is a super late post and I don't have much time to do an update (need a baby to take naps to do such things), but I can post some pictures and that's the best part, right?! So, the blocks are close to impossible to do now, but there is one shot that has a 9 on top and has the M, so that's our winning shot! :) Forgive me on the quality they were taken with my phone, but I think the pics give a great idea of what life is like with a wild monkey!

Couple more recent shots...

That's all for now...